Childbirth Education Services
Everything you need for your birth right here at City Births!  Get all the essential items to help make your birth your own.  I picked these items from my experience working as a doula.  I have seen what helps and what really does not.  These are a few of the amazing items we carry at City Births!
No, you do not need to wear a standard, ugly hospital gown!  Yes, you can wear your own gown.  These gowns are specifically designed for the hospital, and have all the necessary snaps to allow for IV use, Fetal Monitors, etc.  You are unique, your pregnancy and labor will be unique, why not wear something that makes your feel good.  If wearing something that makes you feel good, helps make labor a little more your own, then why not?  Pick up a gown at any of our classes.

Perfect all in one items for massage, the bath, the shower and to help easy moms stomach with tea during labor.  Zero toxin essentials, safe for pregnancy, packed in a cute purse pack - A Little Something for The Mama-To-Be is a little gift that indulges a special mama in a big way, naturally!
Etsy is here! Rice Socks created just for City Births by Etsy designer, specifically to be used during labor.  This is a key item in most doula's bags.  They heat up quickly in the microwave and hold heat for a long time.  This is great to use during labor on the lower back, belly, drape around the neck, the uses are endless.  They are lightly scented with the relaxing smell of lavender.  They are also great to use post partum when you have post partum contractions and they also offer relief from engorged breast if your are nursing.  This is an item that you will use repeatedly, and no one should go through labor without one!