Breastfeeding Support
Private Home Visit

Our team of Lactation Specialist consists of IBCLC Trained and CLC Certified Lactation Specialist, there is no challenge we can't assist with! One of our LC will visit you at your home, to help you establish a proper latch, answer your questions and give you information on preventing problems before they start. Prevention can help make breastfeeding an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  For more info on pricing and insurance please email


                               Breastfeeding Support Group - Drop-In

       Monday's - 306 West 106th St. and Tuesday's - 370 West 58th St.
Spend time with other moms and babies. Learn and share valuable breastfeeding tips. Find out how much breast milk your baby is getting with a pre- and post-feed weight. Latch, positioning, and other breastfeeding assistance will be offered by a registered lactation consultant.

Fee: $35

Monday's Drop-In
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
306 West 106th
Please call or text 203-512-7000 the morning of if you plan on attending.
Or Register here:
Tuesday's Drop- In
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
370 West 58th St
Please call or text 347-842-9953 the morning of if you plan on attending.


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