This workshop is meant to complement what you have already learn in Childbirth Prep Class by allowing you to spend more time learning and practicing a varity of non-medcial commort techniques under skillful guidance of an experienced instructor.  This workshop is for those who want to invest more time learning how non-medical options can ease tension in your body and help you cope with the discomfort associated with the birthing process.

 A great option for couples who are planning on laboring alone at home before transferring to their birthing location or being joined by their doulas. Birth partners will feel more confident in the ‘how to’ of helping the laboring woman find as much physical comfort as possible during the birthing process in any kind of birth setting with or without medication.


Couples will learn:

- what techniques work best during each stage of labor

- things to do and not to do in early labor

- breathing techniques

- use of massagers and comfort touch

- standing, leaning, sitting, kneeling and squatting positions

- usefulness of labor tools such as the squat bar and birthing/peanut ball

- Rebozo techniques

- unnecessary sources of pain in labor

- relaxation and tension release methods

- benefits of aromatherapy (essentials oils) for labor and delivery

- acupressure points

- advantages of hydrotherapy

- tips, tips and more tips

Class Details:

Deep Relaxation for Labor and Birth is a 3-hour class.

When to take:

Any time in your third trimester, preferably after Childbirth Prep class.

Class Cost:

$195 for one or two people. This includes the pregnant mom and her partner or support person.

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