For some, the idea of going back to work is overwhelming. For others, it feels like a step closer to “normal.” No matter where your feelings lay, if you are asking yourself: how can I continue breastfeeding while back at work?, this workshop is for you.  This is not a "how to breastfeed" class but designed for moms who have given birth and are already breastfeeding.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a pump
  • Pumping strategies, including what to do if you forget any of the pump parts
  • Maintaining a milk supply
  • Getting the most out of every pumping session
  • Guidelines for collecting & storing breastmilk
  • Setting upand organizing your freezer stash
  • Bottle-feeding techniques
  • Understanding your pumping rights at work

Class Details: 2-hour workshop. Beverages and snacks are provided.

When to take:  Any time during the postpartum period - after the birth of your baby.

Cost: $75