Are you looking to enhance your preparation for childbirth with a deeper focus on non-medical comfort techniques?  Our Comfort for Labor and Birth Workshop is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and practice under the expert guidance of our lead instructor and labor doula, Ceridwen Morris. This workshop is designed to complement your existing understanding gained from the Childbirth Prep Class.*

Workshop Overview: During this workshop, you'll delve into a comprehensive exploration of non-medical comfort techniques that can ease tension in your body and aid in coping with the discomfort associated with labor and birth. This extended session is tailored for individuals and birth partners who wish to invest more time in mastering techniques that enhance physical comfort during the birthing journey, regardless of the birth setting or the presence of medical interventions.

Hands-On Learning: The Comfort for Labor and Birth Workshop is deeply interactive and hands-on. You will engage in practical exercises and techniques to bolster your confidence and skills. The workshop includes:

  • Breathwork: Learn how breathing techniques can promote relaxation and manage discomfort during labor.
  • Imagery & Focusing Strategies: Explore the power of mental imagery and focus to create a positive birthing experience.
  • Meditation Guidance: Discover meditation practices that help calm the mind and encourage a sense of peace during labor.
  • Nervous System Regulation: Gain insights into down-regulating the nervous system to promote relaxation.
  • Partner Participation: Birth partners will be guided in hands-on techniques such as the hip squeeze and massage for the back and sacrum, allowing them to actively contribute to the laboring person's comfort.

This workshop is ideal for pregnant women and birth partners who are seeking to expand their knowledge of non-medical comfort techniques for labor and birth. Whether you're planning a birth center birth or hospital birth, this workshop will equip you with essential tools to enhance your birthing experience.

Class Details:

Class Cost: $195 for one or two people. This includes the pregnant mom and her partner or support person.

When to take:

Any time in your third trimester after completing a Childbirth Prep class.

*This class is NOT a replacement for Childbirth Preparation Class and is intended to be taken after you have completed a Childbirth Prep class. Medical interventions, what to expect at hospital, post partum and medical aspects of hospital birth will not be covered.  This is a hands-on exploration of non-medical coping options.





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Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth