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City Births

  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Newborth Care & Breastfeeding
  • Infant CPR & Safety
  • Dad Bootcamp
  • Breastfeeding groups
  • Doula Services

Now Offering both IN PERSON and ONLINE LIVE GROUPS.  Starting in June and under the direction of local OB/GYNs we are excited to announce we are resuming our in person classes as an option for Fully VACCINATED attendees.  ALL in person instructors are fully vaccinated and COVID safety measures will implemented.  If you are not vaccinated we are still offer the same amazing classes Online!

Voted "Best in Manhattan" seven years in a row, we are the number one choice for expecting families in NYC and are honored to have worked with over 7000 NYC families since 2012. Our goal is to enable parents to be fully informed of their choices in childbirth as well as the care of their infant.
We use the most up to date, evidence based information and are the only independent NYC based company to meet regularly with local OBs to discuss updates and  advancements in obstetric care and hospital policies.  Our instructor have attended births at all of the NYC hospitals and have years of experience working with NYC families.  They are some of the most trusted, trained and knowledgeable in the childbirth industry.  We provide new parents with the necessary tools to be happy, healthy and confident. 

We are not affiliated with any hospital and provide unbiased non agenda based information on the reality of birth. 

Special Event!

Making Sense of Infant Formula
March 3rd